Still and 360° Spin Food Photography


Finally your dish can tell the whole story!


Chefs Ink provides affordable Still and 360° food photography for restaurants, hotels,

caterers and retailers. Whether you are looking to increase conversion rates, improve

customer engagement, or quickly scale your product content.

360° food photography is the optimal solution for digital marketing, e-books or

website presentation.

360° Spin Food Photography Explanations


A 360° spin is comprised of 24 - 96 total high-resolution individual photos of a product as it

is spun around a turn table. You can add code to these photos so they can be “grabbed” and

spun on a website. They can also be exported as videos or animated gifs.


360° spin food photos are not videos.

360° spin food photography are different from a video because each photo is captured

individually, as opposed to filmed. A video cannot be “Grabbed”, it just plays through. A video

cannot be retouched like a 2D image, which allows us to create super clean high-quality

images. A video can be created from a 360 spin, but it will not be interactive. But this gives you

the opportunity to use a 360 spin in so many ways.


360° Spin photos are not a 3d Object or CGI

This is different from a 3D object / CGI Rendering which is wire framed and can be interacted

with more dynamically in a VR environment.  360 spin is comprised of 2D images still

images.  High-quality 3D images are exceedingly difficult and expensive to create and may

look fake or like video game objects. This is not what you want in food photography. You

want to see the details and vibrant colors of your creation. We are not quite there yet but

but one day we will.

How do I order a 360° spin food photograph?

Just send us an email describing your dish, how many dishes you need to be done in 360 spin, and we’ll get back to you with a quote. A recipe and a simple picture of the way you want to plate will help to recreate your vision of your masterpiece.


Twenty years ago, practically no one took photos of food. Well, there were a couple of magazines and cookbooks. There are also establishments that have photographed their culinary creations and placed them on the sidewalk, sealed in foil. But otherwise? Compared to now?

Today everyone takes photos of food. Practically always. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, blogs - without a great photo, it can apparently taste as good as it wants.


That is why everyone who works in the food industry has to deal with the question: Where can I get good photos from? What is a good food photo anyway? What does it take, what do you have to know, who does it, can you do it yourself? You don’t have do.

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