3D food printing demo

The Next Food Movement?

I know when it comes to 3D food printing there are a lot of questions.

Can the next domestic kitchen equipment become a 3D food printer?

I say. "Yes! Definitely." Just imagine the preparation of a capsule of

ingredients and a graphical template, and see a computer build food

forms, which can be stacked in 3D format. 3D food printers are

already a reality. 3-D food printers could hit $525 million by 2023,

which would rise by 46% in the next cinq years, according to BIS Report


Do you want to get a taste of the future in the culinary world?

3D food printing already founds its way in Michelin Star restaurants in Spain and in the UK. Chefs-Ink is the first who brought this technology into the USA.

For most people is 3D food printing still kitchen science fiction, but the next kitchen revolution has already arrived.

How benefits are 3D food printing my business?

With text messages, logos, and 3D objects, enrich the chef whole 

menus on events in a completely new way. Food printing takes all the

usual benefits of 3D printing (less food waste,

efficiency, etc.) and applies it to the culinary arts. It also allows chefs

to get creative with intricate food designs and bring their creations to

a new dimension.


- 3D printing food allows for precision

- Reduction of food waste

- Easy reproducibility when you have to share files or recipe between


- Small batch series production

- Customizing dishes with names or logos

- New foods which can be 3D modeled

- Creating new shapes and designs of classic dishes

Customizing food or branding your company within food-printed logos was never so easy as today. These are the best-selling points to draw in new customers for your business. A lot of designs are exceedingly difficult to make by hand. With a 3D food printer, you can create shapes there are impossible to create with a mold and you are able to change the size of the object to the size you need to fit

your size of the plate. That is why a 3D food printer is just the natural

solution for this task.


In the demo, we show you how a 3D food printer is built, what are the

maintenance and what kind of food you can use. Tasting of3D-printed

food. We show you the pros and cons of 3D food printing. Makes this

technology sense to use for your business? What 3D printer would fit

your needs.


We have a location in North Miami where we can host a demo for you and your team, or you can also book us to do a demo in your location and we tailor the class to your niche of the food industry.