Delicious, customized, and personalized 

We offer gourmet food, traditional or funky dishes for any occasion with professional service and attention to detail. 

Whether for the next corporate event or a private dinner party at home, we offer you a culinary journey through all five senses.

Finger food with wow effect is one of our favorite disciplines - and the ideal solution for smaller or larger connoisseurs. Surprise and pamper your guests with refined appetizers of a special kind. We are one of the first caterers who work with a 3D food printer and laser engraver to brand or personalize your dishes. With this technology we can produce unique dishes, you never saw somewhere else.


 Book a private chef and enjoy your party

Your own kitchen becomes a restaurant!

With Chefs Ink private chef service, we transform your home into your private restaurant. While we cook, you relax by the pool until the last minute before the meal and enjoy the sunset with an aperitif - which we are happy to serve you. Perfect! We take over your kitchen and take care of everything that is needed. Whether food, drinks such as local wines or cutlery, crockery, and table decorations. From planning to washing up. This is how to enjoy life!


Let's go

A private chef in my home - how does that work?

Quite simply: Exactly the way you want it! You can book our private chef service once, for several days or for the entire month. In this way, we can also take short-term requests into account when shopping regularly and select fresh food for every taste.

What is included in Private Cooking?

If you want, we are there for you all day. We'll take care of breakfast in the morning, prepare a packed lunch for the afternoon and have the table set for dinner when you return. We do the shopping. You enjoy an “all-around carefree package”.

We clean-up before leaving

Once all your dishes have been served, we will spend some time doing the washing-up and we will clean and sanitize your kitchen as well as the dining table.

You will wake-up to a clean and smiling kitchen!


The private Chef Experience

Our guests are always faced with the same challenge: They have rented a beautiful home, are there with friends and loved ones... and can only enjoy the home for a few hours a day. In the morning we go to the beach or there is an excursion on the program (e.g. a wine trip). They come back in the afternoon, freshen up and go out to eat in the surrounding restaurants in the evening. This requires a great deal of planning: choosing a restaurant, making a reservation, choosing a driver. That's why the question often arises: "Can't we just stay at home for a while?" Of course! But who is cooking??? Nobody really wants to do that either. The solution: Chef's Ink private chef service.

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