Custom 3d food design

White small empty plate  on dark backgro

Everything starts with an empty plate
and an idea

How to get started

All you need is an idea or vision of the dish you want to bring on a plate. Having ideas is actually not so difficult. Everyone can have ideas. They can come from the ingredients, from colors, from shapes, from the things they are just surrounding us. Just have an open eye and look around. When you have an initial rough idea, you can, for example, write down everything that comes to mind about this idea. Then you start to make sketches, doodle around till you have a rough vision of your next masterpiece.


Some people think that when you have an idea, most of it is done. “Oh, contrary!” The actual work only begins with that idea.


Share your ideas and sketches with us and we would love to support you to integrate a 3D printed edible part of your dish. Send us an email with your notes and we look over them.

We love to work with the newest technology but we are still human and nothing is better to have a conversation in person. We would love to talk with you about your idea and vision of the dish to pick up your vibe and we go straight to work


Then the fun begins for us.

Trying out, trying out, failing, trying differently, failing better, going back again, trying again differently, playing fearlessly and unrestrainedly...


These are the experience we gain the last couple of years when it comes to creating a perfect recipe for the 3D food printed object.

After we have developed your 3D food printed part we will send you still and 360 spin food pictures of it. This way you can decide and approve our work. 

When we have your approval we will start the series production of the quantity you need and ship it to you.

chef sketches.jpg
chef sketches 2.jpg