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3D food printing already founds his way in Michelin Star restaurants in Spain and in the UK. Chefs-Ink is the first who brought this technology in to the USA. 
For most of the people is 3D food printing still kitchen science fiction, but the next kitchen revolution is already arrived.
Food printing takes all the usual benefits of 3D printing (less food waste, efficiency etc.) and applies it to the culinary arts. It also allows for chefs to get creative with intricate food designs and bring their creation in a new dimension.
Customizing of food or branding your company within food printed logos was never so easy like today. This are the best-selling points to draw in new customers for your business. A lot of designs are exceedingly difficult to make by hand. With a 3D food printer, you can create shapes there are impossible to create with a mold and you are able to change the size of the object you want to plate. That is why a 3D food printer is just the natural solution for this task. 

In the demo we show you how a 3D food printer is built, what are the maintenance and what kind of food you can use. 

You can also book us to do a demo in your location and we tailor the class to your niche of food industry.

3D Food Printing Demo

You have a vision of a dish you would like to serve to your customers? Let us help you to get your vision printed in delicious 3D printed food. Send us a drawing or a description of the idea you have and we will create a stl file and recipe to make it printable.

Custom 3D Food Design

Finally your dish can tell the whole story!

Chefs Ink is the leading provider of affordable Still and 360° food photography for restaurants, hotels, caterers and retailers. 
Whether you are looking to increase conversion rates, improve customer engagement, or quickly scale your product content, 360° food photography is the optimal solution for digital marketing, e-books or website presentation. 

360° Spin Food Photography Explanations

A 360° spin is comprised of 24 - 96 total high-resolution individual photos of a product as it is spun around a turn table.  You can add code to these photos so they can be “grabbed” and spun on a website.  They can also be exported as videos or animated gifs.

360° spin food photos are not videos.
360° spin food photography are different from a video because each photo is captured individually, as opposed to filmed.  A video cannot be “Grabbed”, it just plays through.  A video cannot be retouched like a 2D image, which allows us to create super clean high-quality images.  A video can be created from a 360 spin, but it will not be interactive. But this gives you the opportunity to use a 360 spin in so many ways.
360° Spin photos are not a 3d Object or CGI
This is different from a 3D object / CGI Rendering which is wire framed and can be interacted with more dynamically in a VR environment.  360 spin is comprised of 2D images still images.  High quality 3D images are exceedingly difficult and expensive to create and may look fake or like video game objects. This is not what you want in a food photography. You want to see details and vibrant color of your creation.

How do I order a 360° spin food photograph?
Just send us an email describing of your dish, how many dishes you need done in 360 spin, and we’ll get back to you with a quote. A recipe and a simple picture of the way you want to plated will help to recreate your vision of your masterpiece.

Still and 360° Spin Food Photography